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  Antibiotics » Mupirocin (myoo-PEER-oh-sin)
# Brand: Bactroban Generic

Composition: Mupirocin (myoo-PEER-oh-sin)
what is generic?

  Bactroban 2% Ointment (5gm Tube)

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What is Bactroban Generic | Mupirocin ?

Bactroban [Mupirocin] is a drug that falls within the antibiotics classification and in particular treats or puts a stop to the various kinds of infections caused by bacteria. Bactroban [Mupirocin] helps in preventing severe staph bacterial infections in individuals who work for healthcare organizations and patients as well who most of the times run a risk of bacterial infections during an epidemic in a hospital or some other health care environment. Bactroban [Mupirocin] is an effective antibiotic drug used to treat bacterial infection symptoms and bacterial infection fever as well. .

Uses of Bactroban Generic

Bactroban [Mupirocin] nasal ointment for bacterial infections is packaged in single-use tubes. One half of the medicine from the tube is to be used for the left nostril and the other half for the right. Thereon press and close the nostrils and massage gently to evenly spread out the ointment. Bactroban [Mupirocin] is generally prescribed for 5 days at a stretch for any kind of bacterial infection.

How to use Bactroban Generic?

Bactroban [Mupirocin] should be used just in the way mentioned in the prescription without any alterations of any kind. Do not use this antibiotics classification drug in large amounts or over an extended period of time beyond the recommended period. Follow the instructions as ditto on the prescription label. Bactroban [Mupirocin] is frequently given for 5 days. For best results from bacterial infection use the medicine for the entire length of time prescribed by your doctor.

Side effects of Bactroban Generic

Some of the common antibiotics side effects of Bactroban [Mupirocin] which is used to treat bacterial infection symptoms are as follows  Stern burning or stinging of your nose  Severe burning or watering of your eyes  Dryness or unpleasant taste in your mouth  Nosebleed  Headache  Ear pain  Runny or stuffy nose  Nausea  Skin rash  Cough  Sore throat

Bactroban Generic Interaction

Do not use any other nasal medications while using Bactroban [Mupirocin]. Some of the other drugs that can affect the effect of Bactroban [Mupirocin] are vitamins minerals herbal products etc.

What happens if I miss a dose?

Avoid an overdose if you skip a dose by chance In such circumstances get back to the normal schedule and start it afresh.


Always store Bactroban [Mupirocin] at room temperature away from any contact with heat or moisture and away from the reach of children.

Precaution of Bactroban Generic?

Do not use Bactroban [Mupirocin] if you are allergic to it. Let the doctor know about it before hand. Though research doesn’t prove that Bactroban is harmful to an unborn baby or has any kinds of antibiotics side effects in pregnancy yet it is better to avoid this drug if you have plans to becoming pregnant or become pregnant while using it as it is not known whether it is passed on through lactation.
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