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  Anti-Smoking Varenicline tablets
# Brand: Chantix - Champix

Composition: Varenicline tablets

Common Brand: Chantix, Champix
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What is Chantix - Champix/Varenicline ?

Champix - Chantix [Varenicline] is a particular prescription medicine that is chiefly used to treat substance disorder like smoking. Champix - Chantix [Varenicline] often also termed as Pfizer is a typical nicotine receptor partial agonist. In context to this particular nature of the drug it is a lot similar to cytosine. The drug is also a lot different from the common nicotinic antagonist bupropion and the common Nicotine Replacement Therapies or NRTs like nicotine gum and nicotine patches. Champix - Chantix [Varenicline] as it is a partial agonist the drug helps reduce both cravings to smoke and along with the pleasurable effects of cigarettes and the other various kinds of tobacco products. Hence it can seriously help patients and assist them to quit smoking. .

Uses of Chantix - Champix

Varenicline [Champix Chantix] is a medicine primarily used for smoking cessation therapies. The drug effectively helps people in quitting smoking.

How to use Chantix - Champix?

Champix - Chantix [Varenicline] is prescribed for use for the purpose of smoking cessation. It is a substitute to the NRTs and agonist drug and demonstrates superior efficiency than the later when studied in comparison. U.S. Food and Drug Administration or the FDA has permitted the use of Champix - Chantix [Varenicline] for twelve weeks. In case a pause in the smoking habits is achieved the drug needs to continue for another twelve weeks. Always take Champix - Chantix [Varenicline] with a full glass of water and take the medicine only after eating. In general the Champix - Chantix [Varenicline] treatment lasts for 12 weeks. In particular the doctor may recommend a second 12-week course of the drug in order to improve the chances of long term quitting of smoking. Remember it is rather significant to take the medicine regularly to make the most of its benefits. Get the drug refilled before you run out of medicine totally.

Side effects of Chantix - Champix

Here is a list of some of common side effects that consumption of Champix - Chantix [Varenicline] or Pfizer may cause.  Nausea  Headache  Sleeping Disorder or Insomnia  Abnormal Dreams  Change in taste  Abdominal pain  Vomiting tendency  Flatulence and constipation  Agitation and change in behavior  Suicidal thoughts with an immensely depressed mood

Chantix - Champix Interaction

Once you stop smoking the regular doses of any medicine that you use will need to be adjusted. So it is better to inform the doctor about all the other medicines that you use especially: • Insulin • Blood thinners such as warfarin or Coumadin • Theophylline Respbid Theobid Theoclear Theo-Dur Uniphyl


Always store Champix - Chantix [Varenicline] at a room temperature away from any contact with moisture and heat. See that the bottle is tightly closed when not in use. Keep it away from the reach of women.

Precaution of Chantix - Champix?

As Champix - Chantix [Varenicline] has not been clinically applied or tested amongst individuals under the age of 18 or pregnant women hence it is not recommended for use among them. Lactating mothers who are currently breastfeeding should also avoid the drug since there is a chnace that Champix - Chantix [Varenicline] may pass into the breast milk leading to indefinite effects on the baby. In order to ensure that Champix - Chantix [Varenicline] is not causing you any harmful effects you need to get your kidney function tested on a regular basis. Do not miss an appointment with the doctor.
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