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  Homeopathic Homeopathic Medicine for Diabetes Control
# Brand: Dibonil

Composition: Homeopathic Medicine for Diabetes Control
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  Dibonil - 30ml (SBL Homeopathy)

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What is Dibonil ?

Dibonil a homeopathic combination is an effective medication for controlling diabetes. Available in liquid form this medicine brings a ray of hope for millions of diabetic patients worldwide that are now leading their lives on insulin injections. 10-15 drops of dibonil drug for diabetes is to be taken before each meal to see controlled blood sugar levels in just couple of months after beginning the treatment. Not only does the diabetic patients see a reduction in their blood sugar level but also could notice a decrease in all the associated symptoms like frequent urination excessive thirst constant fatigue etc after regular using dibonil. Following are the major components of dibonil which helps in keeping a check on diabetes mellitus and also the non insulin dependent type diabetes mellitus: • Cephlentra indica helps in controlling excessive urination and the weakness & tiredness that is felt due to loss of water from the body. This also helps in controlling the thirst which is experienced by diabetic mellitus patients • Gymnema sylvesre helps in controlling the urine sugar and also prevents the loss of sexual power which is one of the common problems faced by diabetics. • Dibonil also contains the fail proof remedy for diabetes mellitus in form of syzygium Jambolanum which is one of the well known hypoglycaemic. • Cratageous oxyacantha helps in not only curing diabetes mellitus but also helps in improving the heart health by dissolving calcareous and crustaceous deposits from the arteries. • Loss of important fluids from the body could be recovered by the presence of acidum phosphoricum in the debonil • The presence of abroma augusta in dibonil helps keeping a check on your vision prevents the mouth from drying and also controls the mood swings experienced by diabetes mellitus patients. Packed with so many important ingredients diabonil is gaining popularity as this drug for diabetes is reasonably priced and offers minimum side effects. .

Uses of Dibonil

Dibonil is used for treating diabetes mellitus and all its symptoms like: • Reducing the urge or excessive thirst and frequent urination • Helps in reducing mental stress and physical tiredness by building up tissues. • Prevent hypo-glycaemia and gastric troubles • Has no adverse side effects and assists in proper functioning of all vital organs.

How to use Dibonil?

Dibonil is available in form of liquid in 30ml bottle that comes with a dropper. This medication for diabetes mellitus has to be taken three times a day before every meal by dissolving 10-15 drops of dibonil in 1/4th cup of water. The dose of the medication will depend upon the patients age medical history and severity of the problem.

Side effects of Dibonil

As per the recent clinical trials no side effects are seen by the diabetic patients taking dibonil. This homeopathy medicine also has no impact on the functioning on vital organs. People taking any medication for diabetes heart and kidney ailments should consult their physician before starting with this medication.

Dibonil Interaction

Dibonil doesn’t react negatively with any medications. However patients already taking some medications for curing diabetes should not start with dibonil without taking a go ahead from their doctors.


Dibonil medicine for diabetes control should be stored at room temperature away from heat and moisture. Keep this medication away from pets and small children.

Precaution of Dibonil?

Diabetes Mellitus patients should always take advice from their doctors before starting with dibonil. This homeopathic medication is safe but special care should be taken by kidney heart liver patients and pregnant mothers while taking dibonil.
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