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   Isotretinoin [eye soe tret i noyn]

Composition: Isotretinoin [eye soe tret i noyn]

Common Brand: Accutane
what is generic?

  Accutane Softgel 5mg

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What is Accutane/Isotretinoin ?

Accutane [Isotretinoin] was initially developed to treat cancer as this drug has the ability to stop the proliferation of diseased cells. Making use of this property of Isotretinoin Accutane generic medications are proved to be extremely effective in acne treatment. Accutane [Isotretinoin] is one of the safest available drugs for acne treatment. Accutane [Isotretinoin] is created using retinol a rich source of vitamin needed for a healthy skin and glowing complexion. Frequent acne breakouts are experienced during the teenage years or in pregnant women due to hormonal imbalance that increases the sebum production. Accutane [Isotretinoin] when taken orally or applied on the skin directly helps in shrinking the size of sebaceous glands thereby decreasing the oil resulting in a clearer skin. Therefore isotretinoin is found to be more effective than any other medicines in controlling acne. Accutane [Isotretinoin] is proved to be extremely useful in treating cystic acne known as acne vulgaris and other skin rashes that can be usually seen in the private parts of the patient's body and are known by the scientific name hidradenitis suppurativa. Approved by FDA in 1982 incorrect dosage of acutance medication can cause skin peeling and dryness irritation in eyes and nose headaches and sometimes even back pains. It is always advised to take this drug after consuming fat rich food. .


Accutane [Isotretinoin] with its ability to stop the proliferation of acne disease cells that divides too quickly is being recommended for treating severe to moderate acne cases. Isotretinoin is also used as one of the ingredients of cancer treatment drugs.


Accutane [Isotretinoin] drugs are available in the form of capsules. The Accutane dosage is dependent on the weight of the patient and also the severity of the problem. Usually two doses of 0.5 mg to 2 mg tablets may be prescribed by the doctor for a period of 2to 6 months. Accutane drug should not be consumed on empty stomach as it can cause ulcers.

Side effects of ACCUTANE SOFT GEL

Accutane [Isotretinoin] is a derivative of Vitamin A hence higher dosage of this drug can cause vitamin A toxicity that can cause: Peeling and dryness of skin and lips. Bleeding of nose and irritation in eyes due to excessive dryness. Headaches backaches and hair loss. In rare cases accutane overdose can trigger diabetes and hepatitis. Some cases of sever depression have also been reported in Accutane users.


Accutane [Isotretinoin] should not be consumed with any antibiotic containing tetracycline as it significantly increases the chances of hypertension. Also as Accutane contains retinoid additional supplements of vitamin A should be avoided that can cause vitamin A toxicity.

What happens if I overdose?

Dosage should as per the docto's prescription. Should overdose which may cause serious adverse effects.

Important information about ACCUTANE SOFT GEL

In order to know more about Accutane then you should talk to your doctor and pharmacist. Your doctor can best show you on whether isotretinoin is the right solution for you. Now you can buy Accutane online without prescription very easily.


Accutane [Isotretinoin] should be stored between the temperature of 15-30 degree centigrade or 59-86 degree Fahrenheit.

Precaution of ACCUTANE SOFT GEL?

Before taking this acne medicine always consult a doctor and take following safety measures: Accutane should be avoided if you are allergic to isotretinoin or any Vitamin A preparation. Accutane if not recommended for pregnant ladies as it increases the chances of birth defects. Nursing mothers are also advised to stay away from this medication. Children below the age of 12 should not take acutance as they can experience severe side effects like muscle cramps and joint or back pains. Waxing or any kind of hair removal treatment should be avoided while the patient is on Accutane dose. Diabetics and kidney patients should take special care while consuming accutane.
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