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  Antifungal Amorolfine Hydrochloride
# Brand: Amorolfine Nail Laquer Generic

Composition: Amorolfine Hydrochloride
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  Amorolfine Nail Laquer Kit 5% w/v (2.5 ml)

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What is Amorolfine Nail Laquer Generic | Amorolfine Hydrochloride ?

Fungal infection in the finger nails and toe nails is common in those people who spend most of their time working in moist places. A fungus medically called Onychomycosis is the cause of these infections. The nails of the finger and toe become discolored rough and thick. Some people can also have pain on the fingertips and toes. It is a very common disease and any one can get infected. Mostly the age group between 60 and above is infected by the fungi however people below that age can also get infected. Amorolfine hydrocloride is the medicine used for the treatment of fungal infection in nails of fingers and toes. The antifungal medicine for finger and toe nail infection should be applied in the infected nails after cleaning and filing. The nails should be dry at the time of application of Amorolfine lacquer. The medicine should not be added more than twice a week. Amorolfine nail lacquer is also called as Amorolfine loceryl and is easily available in the market as antifungal nail lacquer. Fungus spreads from one person to the other from animals house hold objects soil carpets wooden furniture etc. The symptoms of the infections generally vary according to the site of occurrence and the type of fungus. .

Uses of Amorolfine Nail Laquer Generic

Amorolfine hydrochloride nail lacquer also known as Amorolfine loceryl is the best antifungal nail medicine. It is used for the treatment of generic nail fungal infections. Before applying it one should always inform the chemist or the physician in case pregnant or nursing. The medicine is generally applied in the infected nails once or twice in a week after cleaning and filing them. The Amorolfine nail lacquer should be allowed to dry after application. Should not use nail varnishes after the application of amorolfine lacquer. The treatment takes generally 6 months for the finger nails and a year for the toes. It can be harmful if the hydrochloride nail lacquer Amorolfine comes into contact with the eyes mucus membrane ear and wounds.

How to use Amorolfine Nail Laquer Generic?

Amorolfine Nail Lacquer by Generic is the best antifungal medicine for finger and toe nails. The medicine should be applied under medical guidance in case of nursing mothers and pregnant women. The before application of the antifungal medicine the infected nails should cleaned filed and dried properly. It should be allowed to dry for at least five minutes after application. Amorolfine hydrochloride nail lacquer is generally advised to be applied once or twice a week.

Side effects of Amorolfine Nail Laquer Generic

No such side effects are reported after using the Amorolfine antifungal nail medicine. It is a well tolerated medicine. General skin allergies and adverse side effects like irritation and redness of the skin can be evident in few patients. One should consult with the doctor if side effects are noted.

Amorolfine Nail Laquer Generic Interaction

Amorolfine nail lacquer is effective on 42 to 54 of mild Onychomycosis which does not involve nail matrix. In case of severe infection the medicine might not be effective. The application of nail varnishes or artificial nails colors glitters etc should be restricted during the treatment.


Amorolfine antifungal lacquer should be stored in a dry place in the room temperature out of the reach of children and pets. The lacquer for fungal infection should be discarded immediately if expired.

Precaution of Amorolfine Nail Laquer Generic?

Avoid water for a couple of hours after application of the Amorolfine hydrochloride nail lacquer. Allow it to dry properly. The medicine can be harmful if comes in contact with eyes nose ears and mucus membrane.
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