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  Pain Relief » FLURBIPROFEN -(flure bi proe fen)
# Brand: Ansaid Generic

Composition: FLURBIPROFEN -(flure bi proe fen)
what is generic?

What is Ansaid Generic | FLURBIPROFEN ?

Ansaid [Flurbiprofen] is prescribed for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. It may also be used for other conditions as determined by your doctor. Adsaid medicine is available online. Flurbiprofen is the main composition of Ansaid which is steroidal and anti-inflammatory drug NSAID. It can be used to relieve symptoms of inflammation swelling stiffness and joint pain caused by arthritis. Ansaid [Flurbiprofen] dosage will vary from patient to patient. Ansaid [Flurbiprofen] is also used for treating medical conditions of the gums. Ansaid side effects are of many type like cardiovascular thrombotic events stroke and myocardial infarction. The risk of the side effects may increase with the longer duration of administration. Doctor should be informed if you have cardiovascular disease. Ansaid [Flurbiprofen] is administered orally with a glass of water. Ansaid should be take with a meal to avoid stomach upset. Follow the doctors prescription regarding the ansaid dosage. ANSAID side effects may cause gastric proble ulcer and stomach perforation or intestines. These side effects of Ansain mau occur anytime and consult your doctor immediately if such side effects are experienced. Elderly people are tend to have more of these side effects during the dosage of Ansaid medicine..

Uses of Ansaid Generic

Ansaid [Flurbiprofen] is used to relieve symptoms of inflammation stiffness swelling and joint pain of arthritis. But the dosage of Ansaid will vary differently from patient to patient. It can also be used for other problems but it is only available with doctor’s prescription.

How to use Ansaid Generic?

Ansaid [Flurbiprofen] comes in the form of capsules and tablets. It is generally taken twice or four time a day depending upon the condition of the patient. But it is very much advisable to go by the doctor’s prescription about Ansaid dosage.

Side effects of Ansaid Generic

Ansaid [Flurbiprofen] side effects may be of various kinds depending upon the dosage. So it is always advisable to have the lowest dose to avoid these side effects. Doctor should be consulted immediately if any of these side effects occur: Nervousness nausea dizziness indigestion headache vomiting ringing in the ears abdominal pain heartburn skin rashes vomiting blood black tarry stools and bloody diarrhea.

Ansaid Generic Interaction

Ansaid [Flurbiprofen] is more effective if taken regularly on time as prescribed by the doctor. The following instruction should be followed during the dosage of Ansaid: 1. The dosage should be as per the doctor’s prescription and if you feel you need more dosage to get relieve from pain then should consult your doctor. 2. It is always advisable to undergo a blood test before taking Ansaid drug. 3. Flurbiprofen causes dizziness. So don’t operate dangerous machinery until you know its side effects and do not drive after taking this medicine. 4. Inform your doctor if you are pregnant and also inform if you are under medication of high blood pressure. 5. Aspirin should not be taken while you are under Ansaid medication unless and until prescribed by your doctor. 6. Consult your doctor before you have ansaid if you have kidney problem or liver problem.


Ansaid [Flurbiprofen] should be stored in a cool dry place in room temperature.
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