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  Heart & Blood Pressure » Clonidine (KLOE-ni-deen)
# Brand: Catapres Generic

Composition: Clonidine (KLOE-ni-deen)
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  Catapres 100mcg

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What is Catapres Generic | Clonidine ?

Catapres [Clonidine] is a particular drug that is applied in order to lower the blood pressure by diminishing the levels of some of the definite chemicals in the patient’s blood. Catapres [Clonidine] essentially helps the blood vessels to relax and also lessen the fast and beating heart rate. Clonidine is a direct-acting ⓬ adrenergic agonist that has found a use as a Sympatholytic antihypertensives and is used to treat hypertension and high blood pressure. Catapres [Clonidine] may also at times used together with some of the other blood pressure medicines. Though not approved by FDA but Catapres [Clonidine] have often been used to relieve alcohol withdrawal aid in methadone and opiate detoxification relieve in quitting smoking treat diabetic diarrhea and treat Tourettes syndrome. In fact Catapres [Clonidine] is also applied for a reduction in menopausal flushing treatment of ulcerative colitis to treat postherpetic neuralgia and also for the diagnosis of pheochromocytoma. .

Uses of Catapres Generic

Catapres [clonidine] is used for the treatment of high blood pressure. The medicine works by exciting some of the brain receptors alpha adrenergic type that helps relax the blood vessels in various parts of your body by widening them. Lowering of high blood pressure helps prevent strokes heart attacks cardiac arrests and kidney problems.

How to use Catapres Generic?

Take the drug exactly in the way the doctor has prescribed you. You should never stop the consumption of Catapres [clonidine] without talking to the doctor. A sudden termination of the drug can lead to agitation headache nervousness severe high blood pressure tremors and at times some serious life threatening symptoms. Also do not take Catapres if you have a tendency of allergy to clonidine. The medicine is generally prescribed to be taken in the morning or at the bedtime. Follow the doctor’s instructions aptly. While you are using Catapres [clonidine] never take it in larger amounts than what the doctor has asked you to take or for a prolonged period than recommended by the doctor. Always follow the instructions on the prescription label. In case you miss a dose take it as soon as you remember. But if it is already time for the next dose then just leave this one and get back to the normal schedule.

Side effects of Catapres Generic

Some of the common side effects that Catapres [Clonidine] can cause are 1. A fast cardiac beating or pounding heartbeats 2. An extremely slow heart rate at times fewer than 60 beats per minute 3. A feeling short of breath with the smallest exertion 4. Swelling with rapid weight gain 5. Confusion and hallucinations 6. Fever and pale skin 7. Less than usual urination 8. Feeling like you might pass out

Catapres Generic Interaction

Never drink alcohol while you are using Catapres [Clonidine] as it may intensify some of the side effects of the drug leading to thinking impairment. Do not take the following drugs while taking Catapres  clonidine transdermal skin patches [Catapres TTS]  Digitalis [Digoxin Lanoxin Lanoxicaps]  Antidepressants such as amitriptyline [Elavil Etrafon]  Beta-blockers such as atenolol [Tenormin] carvedilol [Coreg] labetalol [Normodyne Trandate] metoprolol [Lopressor Toprol] nadolol [Corgard] propranolol [Inderal InnoPran] sotalol [Betapace]  Calcium channel blockers such as amlodipine [Norvasc] diltiazem [Tiazac Cartia Cardizem] felodipine [Plendil] nifedipine [Procardia Adalat] verapamil [Calan Covera Isoptin Verelan]


Make it a point to always store Catapres [Clonidine] at a room temperature away from any contact with moisture heat and light.

Precaution of Catapres Generic?

It is always good to inform the doctor before hand about your heart disease or a stern coronary artery disease a cardiac rhythm disorder a prior heart attack or stroke kidney problems an allergic reaction to a clonidine transdermal skin patch Catapres TTS before you start using Catapres [Clonidine].
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