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  Diabetes » PIOGLITAZONE- (pye-oh-GLI-ta-zone)
# Brand: Actos Generic

Composition: PIOGLITAZONE- (pye-oh-GLI-ta-zone)
what is generic?

  Actos 30mg

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What is Actos Generic|PIOGLITAZONE ?

Actos [Pioglitazone] is an anti-diabetic drug per excellence and it is mainly used to cure Type II diabetes. Manufactured by well know drug maker Generic this is a safe and secure way to redress diabetes problem. The best part of taking Actos is that if taken in correct dosage it never causes the risk of hypoglycemia or abnormally low blood sugar levels. This diabetes medicine should be taken once a day and it can cure diabetes effectively if combined with proper diet and exercise. Actos [Pioglitazone] is drug for diabetes and especially effective for Type II diabetes because this sort of diabetes patients cannot produce enough insulin in their body. This is turn results in high level of blood glucose of diabetes because insulin is the hormone secreted from the pancreas which helps to remove excess glucose or sugar from the blood. That is why it is quintessential to accentuate insulin receptivity in type II diabetes patients. Actos [Pioglitazone] performs this function efficiently because the main chemical ingredient of Actos is Pioglitazone. Pioglitazon acts as insulin sensitizer and activates the body cells to become sensitive and receptive to insulin. Subsequently the body cells readily absorb the insulin and prevent the blood sugar level from shooting up. Thus Actos is a diabetes drug which has created quite a buzz among the diabetes patients all over the world with its effective diabetes cure. .

Uses of Actos Generic

You can enjoy the optimum benefits of Actos [Pioglitazone] if it is combined with proper diabetic diet and a moderate amount of exercise. Other life style changes like smoking reduction and weight control also accentuate the effect of Actos. Actos [Pioglitazone] can be taken with other diabetes medicines like Metformin and injected insulin. Some times it is also used with herbal anti diabetic products like fenugreek powder. Actos is mainly used for the treatment of type II Diabetes. Consumption of Actos is not that effective in Type I diabetes where the insulin levels are as it is quite low.

How to use Actos Generic?

Actos [Pioglitazone] is a convenient diabetes pill which is to be taken only once in a day. The best part is that it can be taken with food or without food and can be consumed any time of the day. Doses of Actos range from 15g-45g and thus it provide the physicians greater options to treat different types of patients. However you have to make sure that if you fail to take an Actos capsule on day you shouldn’t consume two pills the next day just to compensate your missed dose because that might cause hypoglycemia.

Side effects of Actos Generic

Some of the common side effects of Actos [Pioglitazone] are upper respiratory tract infection headache sinusitis muscle aches tooth disorders hypoglycemia and sore throat. However these side effects are rarely seen. Actos can be taken alone or along with other diabetes drugs like Sulfonylureas or Metformin. Only 5 patients taking Actos have ever complained of fluid retention or edema which is quite risky for patients suffering from heart ailments.

Actos Generic Interaction

No formal studies of drug interaction of Actos with other varieties of drugs have been conducted. However many physicians caution that since hiazolidinedione which is a drug similar to Actos reduces the effectiveness of oral contraceptives this might also be the case with Actos. So discuss adequate birth control measures if you plan to take Actos.


Actos [Pioglitazone] Tablets should be kept at room temperature 15-30ÂșC 59-86ÂșF. These tablets can cause hypoglycemia in normal people so keep this out of the reach of children.

Precaution of Actos Generic?

Before taking actos tell your doctor and pharmacist if you are allergic to pioglitazone rosiglitazone troglitazone or any other drugs. Tell your doctor and pharmacist what prescription and nonprescription medications you are taking especially ketoconazole Nizoral oral contraceptives other medications for type 2 diabetes and vitamins or herbal products. Tell your doctor and pharmacist if your have ever taken troglitazone Rezulin. tell your doctor if you have or have ever had heart failure liver disease including cirrhosis and hepatitis swollen ankles or feet edema high cholesterol or a history of alcohol abuse. tell your doctor if you are pregnant plan to become pregnant or are breast-feeding. If you become pregnant while taking pioglitazone call your doctor immediately. you should know that pioglitazone can restart ovulation in women taking oral contraceptives or those with polycystic ovary disease. You are at risk for pregnancy if adequate birth control is not used. You should discuss a reliable form of birth control with your doctor. If you are taking birth control pills your doctor may choose to adjust your dose.
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