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  Diabetes GLIMEPIRIDE-(glye me pye ride)
# Brand: Amaryl Generic

Composition: GLIMEPIRIDE-(glye me pye ride)
what is generic?

  Amaryl 1mg

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What is Amaryl Generic | GLIMEPIRIDE ?

Amaryl [Glimepiride] is an anti diabetic drug from the Sulfonylurea class of drugs. The drug along with physical exercises and proper food can be the best medication for diabetes. The medicine is used in the patients who are suffering from type diabetes. Glimepiride stimulates and releases natural insulin from the body. Amaryl [Glimepiride] medication for diabetes prevents damaging of kidney blindness due to high blood sugar level problems in the nervous system and sexual disorders. Diabetes can be a risk for the heart. Proper Amaryl medication for diabetes can lower the risk of heart attack. Amaryl [Glimepiride] tablets for high blood sugar can be taken orally once at the time of breakfast daily. If taken regularly the medicine can work like magic on controlling the sugar level in the blood. The dosage of Glimepiride can vary depending on the medical condition and response to the treatment. To get the best results from Amaryl [Glimepiride] medication the drug should be taken regularly preferably at the same time of the day. Be under medical guidance and check the blood sugar levels regularly..

Uses of Amaryl Generic

Amaryl [Glimepiride] tablets manufactured and distributed by Amaryl contain Glimepiride. The medicine should not be taken if one has an allergy to it. Always consult the physician or the pharmacist before starting or stopping Amaryl [Glimepiride] medication for diabetes. Consult with your doctor before starting the medication if you have a medical history of liver problems kidney problems a thyroid disease hormonal disorder or hyponatremia. Intake of alcohol should be limited during the medication period because that may lead to hypoglycaemia. A change in medication might be required if one suffers from high fever surgery or any kind of injury infection and stress. Glimepiride is the best medicine for diabetes however a regular intake can make the patient more sensitive to the sunlight. One should take proper precautions while going out in the sun.

How to use Amaryl Generic?

Amaryl [Glimepiride] prescribing information should always be shared with the pharmacist or the physician. Generally the tablets are prescribed for oral intake once daily. Proper diet should be taken along with the medication and exercises should be done in order to avoid low blood sugar.

Side effects of Amaryl Generic

The common side effect of Amaryl [Glimepiride] tablets for diabetes is stomach upset and nausea. If one encounters some serious side effects like stomach or abdominal pain yellowing of eyes or skin dark urine weakness or tiredness sudden weight gain internal or external infections then that should be reported to the doctor immediately. Amaryl medication for diabetes can cause hypoglycaemia if proper diet and exercise routines are not followed properly.

Amaryl Generic Interaction

The physicians and pharmacists are aware of the drug interactions of Amaryl [Glimepiride]. One should not start or stop the medication without medical guidance. Aspirin or other drugs of the same class can react with the medication. NSAIDs antifungals birth control pills Diet pills MAO inhibitors sulfonamides thyroid drugs can react with Glimepiride. There may be other interactions of the drug so always consult a physician before starting Amaryl medication for high blood sugar.

Important information about Amaryl Generic

Keep all appointments with your doctor and the laboratory. Your doctor will order certain lab tests to check your response to glimepiride. To monitor the effectiveness of


Amaryl [Glimepiride] drugs from Aventis should be stored in normal room temperatures from 59º to 86ºF. Sunlight and moisture can damage the drug so it should be kept in a cool dry place. Glimepiride should be kept out of the reach of the children. If expired discard the medicine immediately.
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