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  Allergy & Sinus FEXOFENADINE-(fex oh FEN a deen)
# Brand: Allegra Generic

Composition: FEXOFENADINE-(fex oh FEN a deen)
what is generic?

  Allegra 30 mg

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  Allegra 120 mg

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  Allegra 180 mg

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What is Allegra Generic/FEXOFENADINE ?

Allegra [FEXOFENADINE] is a medicine for allergic reactions and have set the pharmaceutical market in a whole new awakening process. With the innovation of Fexofenadine by Generic you can now bid adieu to all the allergic symptoms like sneezing swelling of nose and itchy eyes. Histamines in the body that causes it to react and have allergies are neutralized by the antihistamines. Antihistamines prevent the histamines released from the mast cells from getting attached to the receptors cells that stimulate an allergic reaction. This is basically done by blocking the H1 receptor of histamine in the cells so as to prevent sneezing and other allied allergic symptoms. Allegra [FEXOFENADINE] is an anti-allergic medicine and is a second generation of antihistamines that have lesser side effects than the previous batches. The 1995 FDA approved variety of Fecofenadine does not cause much drowsiness because it does not enter the brain directly from the bloodstream. The reaction of this anti allergic in the bidy is pretty similar to cetirizine Zyrtec loratadine Claritin and azelastine Asteline..

Uses of Allegra Generic

Anti allergic drugs like Allegra [FEXOFENADINE] are generally to be used for allergies related with seasonal variations. Such allergic reactions include itchy eyes running nose and sore throat. This anti-allergy drug Allegra [FEXOFENADINE] can also be used for curing chronic cases of idiopathic urticaria popularly known as hives. This medicine to cure hives relieves the patient from itchy and red skin aberrations.

How to use Allegra Generic?

The prescribed dose of this anti allergic drug for seasonal allergies is 60 mg twice a day or one 180 mg once a day for children over 12 years and adults. Cases of hives can be addressed with a dose of 60 mg twice daily for adults. Children can take two doses of 30 mg each day as long as the irritation persists. However the medicine fails to provide significant relief to children younger than six years of age. Fexodenadine does not necessarily have to be taken after meals but in such cases it is advisable to have the drug with an antacid.

Side effects of Allegra Generic

Allegra [FEXOFENADINE] is superior to all the first generation antihistamines like all other drugs that combat allergy it also has side effects that could cause nausea vomiting dizziness and diarrhea. It also has been found to cause menstrual cramps backaches fever cough and often breathing problems.

Allegra Generic Interaction

As far as research work tells us because of minimal side effects of this drug cases of overdose are completely unheard of. This allergy relieving drug does not interact with any present medication schedule that you may be on and is completely safe to use. However you should take care to store the drug between 15 to 30 degrees Celsius- else the composition might get affected.


The tablets and the capsules should be stored between the temperature of 15-30C 59-86F.

Precaution of Allegra Generic?

Though drug interactions are uncommon for Allegra [FEXOFENADINE] it is advisable to check with your doctor about such possibilities in case you are on other allergy relieving drugs too. Also check if you are allergic to Fexofenadine preparations as well before consumption of this medicine. Patients suffering from kidney diseases dental ailments expectant and lactating mothers should also consult their respective physicians before the intake of this allergy reliever.
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