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  Allergy & Sinus DESLORATADINE (des-lor-AT-a-deen)
# Brand: Clarinex Generic

Composition: DESLORATADINE (des-lor-AT-a-deen)
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  Clarinex 5 mg

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What is Clarinex Generic/DESLORATADINE ?

Clarinex is composed of an active ingredient known as Desloratadine and other inactive ingredients. Clarinex [Desloratadine] is used for the treatment of allergies and hives. Clarinex [Desloratadine] is available in a form of tablets syrup and reditabs tablets for oral administration. Tablets are light blue in color round shaped and film coated contains 5mg of desloratadine. Syrup is a clear orange color liquid containing 0.5mg/1ml desloratadine. Reditabs are disintegrating tablets light red in color flat-faced and round in shape speckled tablets. For the 5 mg tablets it has “A” debossed on one side and for the 2.5 mg tablets a “K” debossed on one side. Clarinex [desloratadine] is a group of medicine called antihistamines used for the treatment and relief of seasonal and indoor allergy symptoms chronic hives and itching. Clarinex [desloratadine] blocks the chemical present in our body called histamine which triggers the alleric reactions causing itching sneezing and irritation..

Uses of Clarinex Generic

Clarinex [Desloratadine] is used to give relief to the outdoor seasonal allergy symptoms [hay fever] indoor allergy symptoms and also used for the treatment of chronic hives and itching.

How to use Clarinex Generic?

Recommended dose for adults and children of 12 years of age or above: Clarinex 5mg tablets or Clarinex reditabs 5mg or 2 teaspoonfuls of Clarinex syrup 5mg in 10 ml to be administered once daily. Recommended dose for children of 6 to 11 years of age: Clarinex reditabs 2.5mg or 1 teaspoonful of Clarinex syrup 2.5mg in 5 ml to be administered once daily. Recommended dose for children of 12 months to 5 years of age: ½ teaspoonful of Clarinex syrup 1.25mg in 2.5 ml to be administered once daily. Recommended dose for children of 6 months to 11 months of age: ¼ teaspoonful of Clarinex syrup 1mg in 2 ml to be administered once daily. Adult patients with liver and kidney problem should administer Clarinex 5mg once every alternate day. To administer 2 ml or 2.5 ml commercially available measuring dropper or syringe is necessary. To administer reditabs allow the reditab tablet to disintegrate on the tongue and then swallow. It can be taken with or without water. When taken with water administer the tablet immediately as soon as it opens to blister.

Side effects of Clarinex Generic

The most common side effects indicated in administering Clarinex [Desloratadine] are nausea dizziness muscle pain [myalgia] dry mouth sore throat fatigue and excessive tiredness. The other common side effects are headache coughing diarrhea increased appetite middle ear infection [otitis media] bronchitis menstrual pain indigestion [dyspepsia] and insomnia. Other rare side effects reported are serious allergic reaction heart palpitation rapid heart rate [tachycardia] and increased liver enzymes.

Clarinex Generic Interaction

No informations are reported regarding drug interactions between Clarinex [Desloratadine] and other drugs apart from ketoconazole and erythromycin. Taking either of these drugs and Clarinex [Desloratadine] concurrently may cause the body to metabolize medicines differently than it is intended. It may increase the amount of desloratadine resulting increased risk of side effects.


Clarinex [Desloratadine] should be stored at 25oC [77oF] and can be briefly stored at a temperature between 15o-30oC [59o-86oF]. Avoid exposure at or above 30oC.

Precaution of Clarinex Generic?

Patients having liver or kidney problem should be cautious and inform the physician before taking the medication. Pregnant women should not administer the medication as Clarinex [Desloratadine] can harm the unborn baby. Consult the physician prior taking the medication. As Clarinex [Desloratadine] passes through breast milk lactating mothers should consult the physician prior taking the medication.
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