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  Anti-Depressant CLOMIPRAMINE-(kloe mi pra meen)
# Brand: Anafranil Generic

Composition: CLOMIPRAMINE-(kloe mi pra meen)
what is generic?

  Anafranil 10mg - Generic

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What is Anafranil Generic/CLOMIPRAMINE ?

Anafranil [Clomipramine] is a major drug used as an anxiolytic agent and an antidepressant. Invented in the 1960s Anafranil [Clomipramine] has been in circulation ever since. In fact this anti-depressant is readily prescribed for cases with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD chronic depression panic disorder depersonalization disorder and often even chronic pain. Anafralin is also at times used to cure Enuresis urination in the night involuntarily and premature ejaculation. Anafranil [Clomipramine] for OCD is the most common of the uses and the improvement can be seen within three weeks of the prescribed intake. .

Uses of Anafranil Generic

Anafranil [Clomipramine] is most commonly used to cure OCD and cases of major depression. Other than being used as a psychiatric drug Anafralin medication is recommended to patients suffering from premature ejaculation enuresis and chronic pains. Anafranil reviews have also shown that Clomipramine helps cocaine addicts reduce relapses repairing early damages in the brain and the imbalances caused by the neurotransmitters because of cocaine.

How to use Anafranil Generic?

Anafranil [Clomipramine] medication is to be undertaken as prescribed by your doctor. The doctor might increase or decrease the dosage of Clomipramine as is required to get the maximum benefit. The medicine is to be taken best with food to avoid stomach upsets. Do not stop the drug without the permission of your doctor because a sudden Anafralin withdrawal can lead to nausea fatigue and headache.

Side effects of Anafranil Generic

Anafranil [Clomipramine] side effects attain their most common forms in dizziness drowsiness blurred vision and increased sun sensitivity. Sudden changes in body positions may cause dizziness. So it is better to gradually change positions while you try to get up from lying down or sitting. Dry mouth heart burn change in taste of mouth anxiety weight gain and sweating are other common side effects of the drug. In case you are experiencing chest pain nightmares difficulties in passing urine rapid pulse rates ringing in the ear and uncoordinated movements and serious allergic reactions you should get in touch with your physician. Men might undergo sexual dysfunction as a side effect of this medication.

Anafranil Generic Interaction

Before starting to undertake Anafranil [Clomipramine] medication inform your doctor about the drugs that you consume- especially drugs to cure hyperthyroidism tranquilizers MAO inhibitors high blood pressure drugs SSRI antidepressants and narcotic pain killers. In case of overdose get in touch with your local poison center without delay. Loss of consciousness dry mouth enlargement of pupils drowsiness irregular heartbeats and confusion may be symptoms of an Anafraline drug overdose.

Important information about Anafranil Generic

Taking this medication at bedtime may help minimize side effects such as day time sleepiness. Talk to your doctor about this.

What happens if I miss a dose?

If you miss a dose take as soon as remembered do not take if it is almost time for the next dose instead skip the missed dose and resume your usual dosing schedule. Do not double-up the dose to catch up.


Store at room temperature away from sunlight and moisture.

Precaution of Anafranil Generic?

Thyroid diseases prostrate problems problems during urinating glaucoma heart disease kidney problems breathing problems and mental or emotional disturbances are to be reported without hesitation to your doctor before the prescription of this medication. Avoid intake of alcohol while on this drug. Clomipramine should be taken during pregnancy only in case of absolute necessity. Lactating mothers should discuss the matter with their physicians before taking this medicine as it is excreted into breast milk and effects of Clomipramine on infants has not come to light yet.
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