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  Anti-Depressant SERTRALINE HYDROCHLORIDE - (ser tra leen)
# Brand: Zoloft Generic

Composition: SERTRALINE HYDROCHLORIDE - (ser tra leen)
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  Zoloft 25mg

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  Zoloft 100mg

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What is Zoloft Generic | SERTRALINE ?

Zoloft [Sertraline Hcl] is a medicine used for treating depression. The generic name of Zoloft is sertraline hydrochloride. Zoloft [Sertraline Hcl] anti-depressant medication belongs to a class of drugs known as SSRIs selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Zoloft is used to manage the symptoms of major depressive illness inclusive of bipolar disorder or manic depression. Zoloft the drug for depression is also effective in reducing anxiety insomnia and psychomotor agitation which occasionally accompanies depression. The anti-depressant medicine Zoloft relieves the symptoms of depression without the presence of major side effects which are experienced by several people taking the older tricyclic antidepressants and MAO inhibitors. In the brain of every individual there is a presence of a normal substance known as serotonin. It is considered that insufficient amount of serotonin may contribute to depression panic disorder OCD and PTSD. Zoloft is the best anti-depressant drug which works to rectify the chemical imbalance of serotonin in the brain which may be associated with the symptoms of depression or anxiety. This helps in relieving these symptoms of depression and anxiety. Zoloft the medicine for curing depression is not an addictive drug and nor is it associated with weight gain. This medication for depression is available both in tablet and liquid form. Usually few of the symptoms improve within a few days of taking the medication but for the anti-depressant medication to be completely effective it is essential that it is to be taken for four to six or even eight weeks. For the treatment of depression in children or adolescents the use of Zoloft is not encouraged or permitted. The other brand names of Zoloft are Altruline Aremis Besitran Dominum Fatral Gladem Lesefer Nudep Serlain etc. .
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